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Current Events >July Forum - Observations on Gold

July Forum - Observations on Gold

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Hamilton District C’s June forum was an exciting one to attend: we enjoyed a presentation by R.W. Bro. Ken Adamson entitled “The Three Captains” which was an historical piece focused on the tragic events surrounding the sinking of the Titantic. The presentation highlighted the actions and results of its captain, Captain Edward Smith as well as those of the nearby ships The Carpathia, captained by Captain Arthur Henry Rostron and The Californian, captained by Captain Stanley Lord. The upshot of the presentation was the massively different outcomes of an event as it relates to how one chooses to react – to do one’s best and take action in a difficult circumstance or to simply ‘roll over and go back to sleep’. Your forum’s June attendees seized on the relevance of this tale and began thinking about how it could apply to the condition of Masonry in this day and age and this notion led to some enthusiastic conversation and more than a few ideas on the topic. Thank you to R.W. Bro. Adamson. Your forum committee, under the guidance of R.W. Bro. Jason McCulloch has since turned its efforts to preparing for July’s forum. R.W. Bro. McCulloch himself will be our July presenter and will be offering a piece entitled, “Observations on Gold”. Please be sure to mark your calendars for Wednesday, July 7th at 7:30 p.m. and join us if you are available as this will no doubt be a thought-provoking and highly participatory event. Please use the following Zoom link to access the event:

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