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Blood Donor Information
The Masonic commitment to donating blood can be traced back to V.W. Bro. William Hoyle of the Electric Lodge #495 in 1941 when he persuaded his Masters and Wardens Association to take an interest in donating blood. At this time, blood was not collected, but donated directly to the recipient. As a result, a list of donors was required to ensure that when blood was needed, a donor was available. V.W. Bro. Hoyle and a dedicated group of Masons made up the majority of that list. On the evening of May 23rd, 1944 the Moose Hall was the scene of an horrific fire. V.W. Bro. Hoyle was contacted to rally the Masons and report directly to the hospital to help save the lives of the people who had managed to get out of the fire. Shortly after this truly charitable act of brotherly love and relief, V.W. Bro. Hoyle, and the Hamilton Masons, joined forces with The Red Cross to improve the system by which blood donors were recorded and could be contacted.

As time progressed, and the ability to store blood arrived, the Masons continued to aid The Red Cross, and later Canadian Blood Services, in their valiant work. We are needed today, more than ever, to help our fellow man.

Supporting the donation of blood fits hand in hand with the core values of a Mason. Therefore, it is only fitting that as Masons, we should do everything we can to support the Canadian Blood Services. Many lodges within our district currently sponsor and volunteer and Blood Donor Clinics; hopefully we will soon see all of our lodges participating in this valuable program. These clinics can generate up to 120 units of blood - a unit of blood is the amount collected from one person. This blood is then used to save the lives of people in our community.

In addition to sponsoring clinics, Masons are strongly encouraged to donate blood themselves. In an effort to continue to promote this practice, Hamilton Masonic District 'C' has joined forced once again with Canadian Blood Services and is now registered as a "Partner For Life." The "Partner For Life" program allows CBS to automatically track donations made by masons, friends of masons, and a mason's family members every time they make a donation. All that is required of the blood donor is to complete a simple registration form. Click here for the online link to this form. The idea of the program is simple; once you are registered with the program, every donation you make is credited to our Masonic District, and is reported to the District's Blood Donor Chair by CBS. Our participation in this program will also be published by CBS, which will increase the public profile of Masonry, and be a further example of the charitable acts of our brethren. This information will be used by the Blood Donor committee to accurately track all individual donations within the district.

There are three ways you can support the efforts of your District in this valuable program.

  1. By sponsoring a clinic,
  2. Volunteering at a clinic,
  3. Registering with “Partners For Life.” (remember, this is open for all masons, their families, and friends.

If Brotherly Love, Relief, and Truth are the cornerstone on which Masonry is built, supporting the Canadian Blood Services is the cement which can unite our efforts.

For more information, or to volunteer, contact:

Eduardo Cordero
Blood Donor Chair
Hamilton Masonic District 'C'
Click to email


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