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District Newsletter
Click below for the current issue of the District 'C'hronicle. If you know of any brethren who are unable to receive the newsletter in this digital format, please take the time to print a copy for them as well.

Please note, that this newsletter is our newsletter for the district, and all brethren are welcome to make submissions to it. Please direct submissions by clicking to email R.W. Bro. Glen Notman.

•  Feb, 2020 - Edition No. 138 (pdf) There is a wealth of interesting information in this edition from a discussion of Masonic Philosophy, to an analysis of our past and current positions as well as goals and objective for the coming year. YOu will see current news of the district and an outline of the extensive of material in our library,
•  Jan, 2020 - Edition No. 137 (pdf) D.D.G.M. presentation re. Robert Burns; G.M. discussion of festivals of light at this time of year; D.G.M. reminder of 3 key initiatives ritual, education and mentoring; history of the St. Georges Benevolent Society; outline of proper method of saluting; perspectives of Brethren on Freemasonry.
•  Dec, 2019 - Edition No. 136 (pdf) D.D.G.M. - Description of Scottish Aprons; G.M. - importance of ritual; Deputy G.M. - Functions of B.O.G.P.;Grand Secretary- Email addresses for G.L. business. Instruction for entry to Lodge on D.D.G.M, official visit. Article on the importance of St. John the Evangelist; Poem on Xmas Lodge.
•  Nov, 2019 - Edition No. 135 (pdf) R,W, Bro. Jason McCulloch's message, The M. W. Bro. David Cameron's communique on Charity. Grand Secretary's note on Surrendering Your Warrant. The D.G.M. on Renewing our Board of General Purposes. Submissions on Benevolence, Sons of England, Poppy Protocol, Perspectives, Pictures from the month, Upcoming Events, and Obituaries for V.W. Bro. George Post and V.W. Bro. Archie McQuilkie.
•  Oct, 2019 - Edition No. 134 (pdf) R,W, Bro. Jason McCulloch's description Rosslyn Chapel, The M. W. Bro. David Cameron's outline of structural changes to G.L. R.W. Bro. Elgie's history of the Hindoo Koosh Grotto, in Hamilton. W. Bro. Lorne Evan' description of the Philadelphia Temple.A new mason's view of the craft. Obituary for Bro. Robert Bruce Cruickshanks.

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