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District Newsletter
Click below for the current issue of the District 'C'hronicle. If you know of any brethren who are unable to receive the newsletter in this digital format, please take the time to print a copy for them as well.

Please note, that this newsletter is our newsletter for the district, and all brethren are welcome to make submissions to it. Please direct submissions by clicking to email R.W. Bro. Glen Notman.

•  Oct, 2020 - Edition No. 146 (pdf) Reflections on the spirit of Thanksgiving and Charity from our D.G.G.M. - The benefits of video conferencing during and after the pandemic from the G.M.-Benefits of recruitment website form our D.G.M.- Photos of the District meeting - Outline of the Moon and Masonry especially as related to Moon Lodges form W. Bro. Lorne Evans - Outline of etiquette related to saluting- archived speech form R. W. Bro. M.J. Kingsley on the benefits of reference books on Freemasonry- Masonic Education re. chapiters from W Bro. Marshall Kern..
•  Sep, 2020 - Edition No. 145 (pdf) Reflections from the D.D.G.M. on the Hermetic Philosophy, Covid 19 update from the G.M., Appeal from the Hamilton learning Centre for Volunteers, History of Labour Day, Head Table etiquette - toasts, Definition of the word appellation, Lecture from the late R.W. Bro. Eduardo Cordero on the real secret of Freemasonry,
•  Aug, 2020 - Edition No. survey overview (pdf)  
•  Aug, 2020 - Edition No. 144 (pdf) Messages from D.D.G.M. & R. W Bro.. G.S.Allen re. survey results. Message form G.M. encouraging virtual meetings and education. History of 1918 pandemic and its effect on lodge growth. Portraits of Hamilton area G.M.'S Meridian's donation to food share. History of Freemasonry. Plea for blood donations Head table introductions etiquette. Overview of survey results attached as well.
•  Jul, 2020 - Edition No. 143 (pdf) Message form our D.D.G.M. explaining St. John the Baptist and St. John the Evangelist. The G.M. outlines a quote by Henry David Thoreau (an 19th century transcendentalist) on paying attention to the what is immediate, An explanation from M.W. Raymond S. Daniels on the terms concord and happiness. An outline of the history of the Ancient Order of Foresters also there are instructions for proper seating at the head table. As well as a definition of the term preferment.

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