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Past DDGMs
We mourn those who have passed and thank those who remain for their continuing support and encouragement on
behalf of Hamilton District C

Name Lodge No# Year of Service
R.W. Bro. John W.Hlohinec Meridian Lodge No.687 687 2018
R.W. Bro. Craig L. Knapman Valley Lodge No. 100 100 2016-2017
R.W. Bro. Devin L. Tuinstra Dufferin Lodge No.291 291 2015 - 2016
R.W. Bro. Glen J. Notman Temple Lodge No.324 324 2014 - 2015
R.W. Bro. Geoffrey S. Allan The Electric Lodge No.495 495 2013 - 2014
R.W. Bro. D. Wayne Robinson Westmount Lodge No.671 671 2012
R.W. Bro. John K. Johnston Hugh Murray Lodge No.602 602 2011
R.W. Bro.William J. MacPherson Landmarks/Doric Lodge No.654 654 2009
R.W.Bro. Thomas R. Marshall Seymour Lodge No.272 272 2008
R.W.Bro. R. James Stewart Harodim Lodge No.513 513 2007
R.W. Bro. Eduardo J. Cordero* Meridian Lodge No.687 687 2006
R.W.Bro. Ronald E. Luxon Dufferin Lodge No.291 291 2005
R.W.Bro. Michael J. Kingsley The Buchanan Lodge No.550 550 2004
R.W.Bro. William R. Millar Valley Lodge No. 100 100 2003
R.W.Bro. George Cuthbertson ** Ionic Lodge No.549 549 2002
R.W.Bro. Arthur F. Adams Dufferin Lodge No.291 291 2001
R.W.Bro. Kenneth C. Adamson Temple Lodge No.324 324 2000
R.W. Bro. Peter C. Mouriopoulos The Electric Lodge No.495 495 1998
R.W.Bro. Paul A. James Westmount Lodge No.671 671 1997
R.W.Bro. David H. Pedler Hugh Murray Lodge No.602 602 1996
R.W.Bro. Thomas W. Irwin   0 1995
R.W.Bro. Donald L. Jagger* Landmarks/Doric Lodge No.654 654 1994
R.W.Bro. Walter Munn* Seymour Lodge No.272 272 1993
R.W.Bro. Allan J. Cochrane* Harodim Lodge No.513 513 1992
R.W.Bro. David E. Wood Meridian Lodge No.687 687 1991
R.W.Bro. Ralph Hurst* The Buchanan Lodge No.550 550 1990
R.W.Bro. Roy C. Gregory Valley Lodge No. 100 100 1989
R.W.Bro. Clifford M. Tootell* Ionic Lodge No.549 549 1988
R.W.Bro. Frank F. Adams* Dufferin Lodge No.291 291 1987
R.W.Bro. Norman S. Webb* Temple Lodge No.324 324 1986
R.W.Bro. Stanley G. Strickland*   0 1985
R.W.Bro. John J. Knight* The Electric Lodge No.495 495 1984
R.W.Bro. John A. DeYoung* Westmount Lodge No.671 671 1983
R.W.Bro. Paul G. Hirst* Hugh Murray Lodge No.602 602 1982
R.W.Bro. Wayne E. Elgie Landmarks/Doric Lodge No.654 654 1981
R.W.Bro. Thomas E. Burton* Seymour Lodge No.272 272 1979
R.W.Bro. Lloyd R. Hill* Harodim Lodge No.513 513 1978
R.W.Bro. Roger G. Parliament Meridian Lodge No.687 687 1977
R.W.Bro. Bruce MacDonald* The Buchanan Lodge No.550 550 1976
R.W. Bro. Albert T. Ayer* Valley Lodge No. 100 100 1975
R.W. Bro. Gerald E. Smith* Ionic Lodge No.549 549 1974

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