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Valley Lodge No. 100


In 2008, to mark the 150th Anniversary of Valley Lodge A.F. & A.M. No. 100 GRC, the Lodge put together a comprehensive history booklet. Following are a few brief excerpts from the booklet.

The complete booklet is available from the Lodge for $5.

The formation of Valley Lodge No. 100 was authorized in a Dispensation dated April 24, 1858. It was signed by M.W. Bro. William Mercer Wilson, Grand Master, Grand Lodge of Canada, as well as the D.D.G.M. and the Grand Secretary. The original document still hangs in the library of the Dundas Masonic Temple.

Under the original Dispensation, the first meeting was held on May 5, 1858. At the time, the population of Dundas was 2,710 and the average annual income was around $200. The initiation fee was $25 and dues, (which were paid quarterly), were 37½ cents for each regular Lodge night.

The Lodge was originally numbered 55 on the GRC, but that was changed in 1859 to No. 100 when all Lodges in the jurisdiction were renumbered.

The original meeting place was across the street from the present location on the south-west corner of King and Main Streets, where the Dundas Police Station now stands. In 1875 the Lodge moved across the street into its present location, and in 1945 the Lodge purchased the building for $10,000, thanks to the generous contributions of members who pitched in financially to buy the building and renovate it.

Between 1874-1881 the Lodge shared its premises with Hiram Lodge No. 317, but in 1881, the two Lodges amalgamated.

It’s also interesting to note that Valley Lodge was not the first Masonic Lodge in Dundas. Between 1810 and 1824 a lodge known as Union Lodge No. 24 met in Dundas, Ancaster and West Flamboro. Its meetings were usually held in private residences of members, and moved from place to place.

Over the past 150 years, Valley Lodge has held 1,489 regular meetings and initiated 1,314 members. The Lodge has had two William Mercer Wilson Award recipients and one member who was Knighted. It has produced 33 Grand Lodge officers, and awarded 77 50-year pins, 15 60-year pins, and one 75-year pin.

Officers of the Lodge

  V.W. Bro. Lance R. Mullett
Worshipful Master
Phone: 905-572-5535
  R.W. Bro. Geoffrey S. Allan
Immediate Past Master
  W. Bro. Colin J. Pfeiffer
Phone: 905-627-6930
  Bro. Jeff Maltby
Senior Warden
  Bro. James Brown
Junior Warden
  Bro. Kevin Brown
Senior Deacon
  Bro. Christopher Boivin
Junior Deacon
  Bro. Michael Bown
Senior Steward
  Bro. Edmond Malek
Inner Guard
  W. Bro. Brendan Knapman
  Bro. David Watkinson
  W. Bro. John MacKay
Director of Ceremonies
  W. Bro. Scott Lehane
  Bro. Donald Chappel, WMWM
  Bro. Stephen Bateman

Valley Lodge No. 100
Temple Address: 3 Main Street, Dundas, Ontario
Mailing Address: c/o 173 Pleasant Avenue, Dundas, Ontario, L9H 3V3
phone: 905-627-6930

Past Masters of the Lodge

Name Year
R.W. Bro. Craig L. Knapman 2016 - 2017
R.W.Bro. William R. Millar 2003
R.W.Bro. Roy C. Gregory 1989
R.W.Bro. Frank Fordham 1980
R.W. Bro. Albert T. Ayer 1975

Past Masters of the Lodge

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