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Upgrade Your GPS Today

Hamilton Masonic District C has been hard at work compiling a list of lodge building details throughout the jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

By following the instructions below you can upgrade your current GPS device free of charge in order for it to direct you to any lodge in Ontario with features such as search, and proximity calculations whereever you are in the province.
Please Note: Unfortunately we do not have the manpower to support and technical support questions surrounding this project. The installation of the file is very quick and painless however with the instructions below.

Files By Device Type

Garmin© GPS Devices: Ontario Lodges.GPX
TomTom© GPS Devices: Ontario Lodges.OV2
All Other Devices: Ontario Lodges.CSV

Installation Instructions

Garmin© GPS Devices
  1. Download the Garmin "Ontario Lodges.gpx" file to your computer
  2. Download and Install Points of Interest File Loader (POILoader) free for your computer at:
  3. Connect your Garmin GPS to your computer with the Micro-USB cable which came with it.
  4. Start POI Loader, follow the prompts on screen to choose your device, and choose "Install New Custom POIs on Your Device"
  5. With POI Loader, browse to the folder where you downloaded the file, choose a name/label such as Ontario Lodges and click next to install.
  6. Upon completion, disconnect your Garmin GPS and if it doesn't restat automatically, restart it.
  7. When your Garmin GPS has started again, select Extras, and then Custom POIs. There you should find the lodges loaded within your device.
For additional help visit:

TomTom© GPS Devices:

For Installation Instructions See:

For all other devices please download the following universal GPS CSV file and follow the instructions on the website and materials that came with your device.

© 2023 Copyright Hamilton Masonic District C