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Virtual Events

Please find a listing of virtual gatherings taking place within Hamilton Masonic District 'C' as well as from around the Grand Jurisdiction.

Your district team, under the guidance of our District Deputy Grand Master, has created this resource during this time of inability to meet in person. This listing of virtual gatherings is provided in the hope of sustaining communication and interaction as well as fortifying our Masonic spirit until such time as we are able to meet again.

Nov. 6: “Otherization” Our Ancient Brains’ Influence Over Our Present Condition

Date/Time Details: November 6 2021 / 7:00pm

Bro. Mark J Pearrow “Otherization” Our Ancient Brains’ Influence Over Our Present Condition Not so long ago, it was really hard to have an intellectual conversation with a sabre-tooth tiger who was about to eat you. There were few options: kill or be killed. It was adaptive, from an evolutionary perspective, to cut short such debates and to cling to one way of thinking. It was the difference between life and death! But now, in an era where we are our own worst enemies, humans still have old-model wiring, but vastly different environments where information outpaces our capacity to make sense. How do we move forward in a Masonic way when our instincts tell us not to?

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Nov. 20: Origins of Masonry in India - by R. W. Bro. Bharat V. Epur

Date/Time Details: November 20 2021 / 2-3pm EST


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Dec. 4: The Masonic Roller Coaster

Date/Time Details: December 4 2021 / 7pm EST

W. Bro. S. Brad Drew “The Masonic Roller Coaster” W. Bro. Drew is a member and Past Master of Lexington Lodge No. 1, Grand Lodge of Kentucky. “The Masonic Roller Coaster” looks at Masonic burnout. What does it mean? How do you know if you are “burnt out”? What can you do to ensure this does not happen to you? If you are burnt out, what can you do to jump back in and be successful? These are just some of the questions covered during the presentation.

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