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District Newsletter
Click below for the current issue of the District 'C'hronicle. If you know of any brethren who are unable to receive the newsletter in this digital format, please take the time to print a copy for them as well.

Please note, that this newsletter is our newsletter for the district, and all brethren are welcome to make submissions to it. Please direct submissions by clicking to email R.W. Bro. Glen Notman.

•  Jul, 2021 - Edition No. 155 (pdf) An interesting Hindu legend on the search for truth from our DDGM. The G.M. outlines some imaginative possibilities for lodges. The DGM on technological updates from G.L. There is a recap of the June Forum. Information from the G.S. re. elections. There is a history of the formation of the Canadian Flag. Protocol and Etiquette talks about dress codes.
•  Jun, 2021 - Edition No. 154 (pdf) A message about being inspired from our D.D.G.M. Our G.M. on accessibility. The D.G.M. on virtual meetings. G. Secretary on elections and registration. The G. Treasurer on FAQ's for the proposed introduction of a levy of $20.00 per year. Virtual events and the District Forum, Protocol and etiquette - more on dress codes. Our District Guidelines. Masonic Symbolism. A little Humour, In Memoriam and the message from the Editor.
•  May, 2021 - Edition No. 153 (pdf) D.D.G.M. The importance of charity as it arises from within the person. G.M. The advantages of smaller lodges. D.G.M. The introduction of a Brand Standards Manual for masonic logos. G. Treasurer The importance of keeping members interested in a time of declining membership. The proposed introduction of a levy of $20.00 per year. G. Secretary The dynamics of this years virtual annual meeting. The planning of events, involving G.L. once we re-open. Meet the candidates for G.L. office. Protocol and etiquette - dress codes. The meaning of exoteric labour and the word hele.
•  Apr, 2021 - Edition No. 152 (pdf) DDGM message re significance of faith, hope and charity. G.M. outlined the process for electing G.L. Officers, this year. D.G.M. reported on the changes in in voting for constitutional amendments this year and next. W. Bro. Bill Paul outlined the G.M.'s latest web presentation. The significance of the altar and its arrangements is included. There is an article on the mason's duty to society and one on the ancient meaning of the word enthusiast. As well as one on the origins of Easter.
•  Mar, 2021 - Edition No. 151 (pdf) Message from our DDGM re. how we should investigate whether our lodges should go dark, amalgamate or revitalize in a healthy directions which does not necessarily mean an increase in membership. From the G.M. on how re have recovered from past crises. The D.G.M. has outlined the voting procedures for amendments at this this year's virtual G.L. communication. Information from around the district and an article on protocol and etiquette as well as one on the. use of swords in lodge. An article on the meaning of charity towards others. And a piece on the need for dedicated email addresses for lodges.

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