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Hugh Murray Lodge No.602

 W Bro. Glen Howie 
Our Lodge is named after Most Worshipful Brother Hugh Murray.

Born June 26th 1843 in Paisley Scotland. He was the 7th child of a family of 12. He attended the private school of Dr. Thomas Moore until the age of twelve. He immigrated to
Canada at the age of 16 choosing to settle in Dewart, Kent County, Canada, West where he lived with his Uncle.

Married to Elizabeth Anne Crisp and had two daughters Elizabeth “Lizzie” in 1869, Bethia or “Beth”, son Jessie 1875 and a son named Hugh II 1877.
- Initiated into Acacia Lodge No. 61 Hamilton 1865 and became Worshipful Master in 1871
- DDGM 1877
- Served as Grand Treasurer of Grand Lodge from 1891 – 1893
- Grand Master in the Province of Ontario 1884 – 1886
- Was also made Hon. Past Grand First Principal in 1903
- Held a Scottish Rite 33rd degree
- Secretary General of the Supreme Council, Scottish Rite.
- Provincial Grand Master, Royal Order of Scotland
- Was still Grand Secretary of Grand Lodge at the time of his death.

Was a business man, partnered in a grocery store named Murphy & Murray near James St. on the north side of King St. Hamilton.
Some believe that he was a lawyer. (unconfirmed)
Was the Chief Customs Clerk, in Hamilton
Was the Honorary President of the Hamilton Tigers Football Club.
Passed away November 28th 1907 of Apoplexy, known these days as a “stroke”.
Two Lodges have been named in his honour, Murray lodge No. 408 of Beaverton Ontario on February 19th 1885
& our own Hugh Murray Lodge No. 602 on February 21st 1922.
He had a son Wor. Bro. Hugh Murray II who became a member of this Lodge bearing his fathers name and also a grandson Bro. Hugh Murray III

The first Master of Hugh Murray Lodge was V. Wor. Bro. Arthur Lavis
Other past notable members of the Lodge were Wor. Bro. Brian M. Timmis, V. Wor. Bro. D.H. Gordon Fairclough

Since 1922, meetings have been held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month at the following locations;
1. The Masonic Hall, 90 James N. until a fire demolished the hall in September 1968
2. From 1968 to March 1971 meetings were held at the Beach Masonic Temple on Beach Boulevard.
3. 1971 to 1976 at the Dundas Masonic Temple
4. January 20th 1976 to June 17th 2003 at Central Masonic Temple, 910 Main St E. Hamilton
5. September 16th 2003 until the present, at the Hamilton Masonic Centre, 4 Queen St. S. (The Scottish Rite )

83 different Brothers have served as Master of the Lodge between 1922 & today, with 10 Brothers having served more than once.

Regular Annual Meeting Themes

April the Lodge holds “Past Masters Night” where-by members of the Past Masters contingent conduct the degree work of the night.
(July & August the Lodge calls off for the summer.)
September is “Junior Members” or “Step-up” night
October is the official visit of the D.D.G.M.
November is Elections & the Journey of Remembrance night
December Installation of Officers takes place

Currently Hugh Murray Lodge is experiencing a wonderful revitalization, with an active growing membership, experiencing many popular social events throughout the annual calendar. We have a proudly dedicated core of brethren, that will ensure the sustainability of the Lodge into our 100th Anniversary and for many more years beyond.

Respectfully submitted,

W. Bro. Steve Thiede, Lodge Historian

Officers of the Lodge

  W Bro. Glen Howie
Worshipful Master
  W. Bro. Steven William Badger FCF
Immediate Past Master
  W Bro. Edward Patterson
Phone: 905 517 6728
  W Bro. Gary McLean FCF
Senior Warden
  Bro. John Raso
Junior Warden
  W Bro. Steven Thiede
Senior Deacon
  W Bro. Mike Cuberovic
Junior Deacon
  Bro. Walter Liber
Senior Steward
  Bro. Raymond Sentpetery
Junior Steward
  W Bro. William Lewis WMWA
Assistant Steward
Assistant Steward
  R W Bro. John K Johnston FCF
Inner Guard
  W. Bro. Brock McCulloch
  Bro. James Zimmerman
Chaplain & Blood Donor Chairman
  W Bro. Tribuwan Persaud
Director of Ceremonies
  V W Bro. Brian Kiernan
  W Bro. Steve Theide

Hugh Murray Lodge No.602
4 Queen Street South, Hamilton, Ontario 3rd Floor
phone: 905 517 6728
Website Address: http://

Past Masters of the Lodge

Name Year
R.W. Bro. John K. Johnston 2011
R.W. Bro. David H. Pedler 1996
R.W.Bro. Paul G. Hirst 1982

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