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Westmount Lodge No.671

March 31, 1952. A number of Brother Masons from Buchanan Lodge gathered to discuss the formation of a new Lodge. W. Bro. Ken Warwick would be Chairman and W. Bro. J. Richardson would be Secretary for the group. It was decided that the Affiliation Fee would be $10.00 and the Dues $7.00 per year in advance, also the Initiation Fee would be $75.00. At the second meeting there were 23 Brethren present, representing 12 different Lodges. A name for the new Lodge was discussed. Several names were submitted and the name "Westmount Lodge" was decided.

September 23, 1952. The Installation of Westmount Lodge was held at 8:00pm with the Installing Master, R. W. Bro. E. C. Kiebs and his Installing Board. The first Installed Master of Westmount Lodge was W. Bro. Ken F. Warwick. The Charter was officially granted on July 15, 1953, and the Lodge became Westmount Lodge No. 671. G.R.C. The first five years saw the Lodge membership increase from 30 charter members to 128 members.

July, 1967. At the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in Toronto, R. W. Bro. James Curtis was duly elected and installed as D.D.G.M. of Hamilton District “B”. His District Secretary W. Bro. Sanford Griffin, became a Grand Steward the following July.

July, 1974. A new District was formed in Hamilton, named District "C", and Westmount Lodge and 13 other Lodges were reassigned from District "A" & "B". At the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in Toronto, W. Bro. Alf G. Adams was granted the rank of Grand Steward and his regalia was presented to him at Westmount’s September meeting. R. W. Bro. Gerald E. Smith was the first D.D.G.M. for Hamilton District "C" and also was a member of Westmount Lodge No. 671.

September 27, 1977. Westmount Lodge celebrated its 25th Anniversary at the Glanford Community Hall and a good time was had by all.

July 20, 1983. At the Grand Lodge Annual Communication in Toronto, R. W. Bro. John A. De Young was duly elected and installed as D.D.G.M. by M. W. Bro. Ronald E. Groshaw. W. Bro. Walter Simpson was the District Secretary at the time and became V.W. Bro. Walter Simpson, Grand Steward the following year, being invested by R.W. Bro. John De Young.

September 25, 1984. The Lights of Westmount Lodge were extinguished as the Buchanan Lodge Building on Upper James was sold. The Lodge relocated to Seymour Lodge Building in Ancaster on October 23, 1984.

September 25, 1990. After waiting four years, V. W. Bro. Sid Winterbottom received Grand Lodge rank and was invested as Grand Steward by R.W. Bro. John De Young.

September 26, 1992. Westmount Lodge held their 40th Anniversary Dinner and Dance at the Scottish Rite. The Chairman for this function was W. Bro. Robert Beres, with approximately 60 people in attendance.

June 28, 1994. Westmount Lodge stayed at the Ancaster Masonic Hall and then moved to The Hillcrest Masonic Hall on Concession Street. In 1994 Hillcrest bought the building at 257 Mohawk Rd. West and Westmount and three other Masonic Lodges relocated to use these premises to the present day.

July, 1997. At Grand Lodge Annual Communication in Toronto, R. W. Bro. Paul James was duly elected and installed as D.D.G.M. of Hamilton Masonic District “C”. W. Bro. Robert Beres was District Secretary and became V.W. Bro. Robert Beres the following year.

April, 2002. Westmount Lodge held their 50th Anniversary at the Hillcrest Temple. There were 78 people in attendance and W. Bro. Wayne Robinson was the Chairman for the Banquet that evening.

July, 2007. V. W. Bro. Bernie Silcox received his Grand Honours from Grand Lodge as Assistant Grand Chaplain and V.W. Bro. Robert Beres presented him with his Regalia at the September Meeting.

July 2013, W. Bro. Wayne Robinson is elected District Deputy Grand Master, Hamilton Masonic District C and becomes R.W. Bro. Wayne Robinson.

July 2014, W. Bro. David Midgley is appointed Grand Steward, Hamilton Masonic District C and becomes V.W. Bro. David Midgley.

Officers of the Lodge

  W. Bro. Kevin Bennie
Worshipful Master
Phone: 1 (905) 973-4104
  W. Bro. Anthony Pralet
Immediate Past Master
  V.W. Bro. Robert Beres
Phone: 905-524-0599
  W. Bro. Erwin Burggraf
Assistant Secretary
  Bro. Andy Wagner
Senior Warden
  W. Bro. Karlous Ravo
Junior Warden
  Bro. Rick Geng
Senior Steward
  Bro. Martheno Radameyr
Inner Guard
  W. Bro. David Jack
  Bro. Richard Imrie
  W. Bro. Nick Sullivan
Director of Ceremonies
  W. Bro. Paul Mount
  R.W. Bro Wayne Robinson
  Bro. James Maxwell

Westmount Lodge No.671
257 Mohawk Rd W, Hamilton, ON L9C 1W2
phone: 905-524-0599

Past Masters of the Lodge

Name Year
R.W. Bro. D. Wayne Robinson 2012
R.W.Bro. Paul A. James 1997
R.W.Bro. John A. DeYoung 1983

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