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R.W. Bro. Eduardo J. Cordero

Background / Biography
Eduardo was born and raised in Costa Rica, Central America. He initially attended High School and University in his native country. He then transferred to the University of Montana in the U.S.A. where he graduated in 1974 with a Bachelor degree in Political Science and a teaching certificate in History from the University of Montana.

After a brief return to Costa Rica, Ed relocated to Hamilton in 1975. He then obtained a Canadian teaching certificate from the University of Toronto, and has practiced that profession with the Hamilton Board of Education for the last 22 years.

Ed was initiated into Masonry at Meridian Lodge No. 687, April 10, 1991, passed, May 8, 1991 and raised Oct. 30, 1991.  He was elected Worshipful Master of that Lodge June 12, 1996.  

In Sept. 1995 he affiliated to Lodge of the Ancient Landmarks, No. 654 and was later elected Worshipful Master of that Lodge in June 2004.
Eduardo is also a Member of Murton Lodge of Perfection, Chapter Rose Croix, and   Moore Sovereign Consistory in Hamilton.

Ed is also a Past President of the Hamilton Masonic Board of Relief and the regional representative of Grand Lodge’s Committee of Masonic Education.

In 1975, Eduardo and his wife Lesley married. Together they have three children. Nicholas, Amanda, and Matt.   

Eduardo is also a member of the Board of Directors and Treasurer for C.F.K.A. (Culture for Kids in the Arts), a no-profitable organization working to promote Culture and Artistic Growth to children at risk in our community and in our schools.

Ed. has also been closely involved on stage and off stage for nearly eight years with C.B.Y.E. (Canadian Ballet Youth Ensemble) also a non-profitable organization responsible for bringing to Hamilton the Christmas time Ballet of the Nutcracker, at Hamilton Place. For a period of eight years, Bro. Cordero played the character of M. W. Bro. Sir Alan Mac Nab on stage with the Nutcrackers Ballet local interpretation of the story around Dundurn Castle and the Mac Nab Family.

Finally, during his free time, Ed likes to occasionally play percussion with a couple of local Latin Music bands.

With two years to retirement, Ed feels he will then be able to participate and get involved more with Masonry and with the Community.

Last Revised: October, 2008

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