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GLCPOO Approved #03D14

Meridian Lodge No.687


In 1950, West Hamilton and the suburbs of Ancaster experienced rapid growth. As a result, it was determined that the creation of a new Lodge was required to meet Masonic enrollment requests.


In October 1956, a group of senior masons began a series of meetings which led to the first meeting of Meridian Lodge # 687, under dispensation, on February 13, 1957. Meridian Lodge #687 was instituted and consecrated on October 9, 1957 at the Masonic Temple in Dundas when M.W.Bro. Harry L. Martyn was our Grand Master.


Meridian Lodge continued to meet in Dundas until relocating to Ancaster in 1984.


In its first 53 years, Meridian Lodge has numbered amongst its members: one William Mercer Wilson medal, two Grand Chaplains, one Grand Organist, one Grand Senior Deacon, three Grand Standard Bearers, one Grand Sword Bearer, two Grand Stewards, three District Deputy Grand Masters and one Grand Master, M.W.Bro. Norman E. Byrne.


Members of Meridian lodge, along with our present (2011 – 2012) Worshipful Master, W.Bro. Stephen Cowell, look forward with confidence to the future.

Officers of the Lodge

  W.Bro. Quinn Leyland
Worshipful Master
Phone: 905-379-7661
  W.Bro. Jeff Deans
Immediate Past Master
  V.W.Bro. Reg. Joyce
Phone: 905-746-9871
  R.W.Bro. John Hlohinec
Assistant Secretary
  Bro. Matthew Mandula
Senior Warden
  Bro. James Robinson
Junior Warden
  Bro. Jonathan Field
Senior Deacon
  Bro. Marco Soares
Junior Deacon
  Bro. Frank Griffin
Senior Steward
  Bro. Reg. Lewington
Junior Steward
  Bro. Robert Pierce
Inner Guard
  W.Bro. Harley Auty
  V.W. Bro. Brock Bedford
  V.W.Bro. Roy Metcalfe
Director of Ceremonies
  W.Bro. David King

Meridian Lodge No.687
419 Wilson Street East, Ancaster
phone: 905-746-9871

Past Masters of the Lodge

Name Year
R.W. Bro. John W. Hlohinec 2017
R.W. Bro. Eduardo J. Cordero 2006
R.W.Bro. David E. Wood 1991
R.W.Bro. Roger G. Parliament 1977

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